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 creative commons - public domain mark
Legal Definition

in short 'public domain' & 'royalty free' mean to us they are a 'gift' to the world (as images ie: jpg's etc)
to use/sell/trade/modify it any way you like as often as you like
with no 'amount owing' to the artist/creator
we function on 'donations/tips' (at your discretion)

the 1000+ artworks by are 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and 'ROYALTY FREE'

if these artworks are blown up to make paste-ups (ie: 16x16 A4 sections - 10 foot wide paste-up)
then be advised that all pieces need to be altered (minimum: a very small amount)
at least like a texta dot, paint (drops or spray), pen, tag, etc, on them somewhere
if they are left 'raw' they may hyper-oscillate (recommended) art image blowup software

As Creator ov the eternal aupre art formula

one simply cannot be both ends at the same time
(technical impossiblity ov infinity)

for 1000 years we remain on 'Tips' by grace ov the people

Time has picked up on the situation and the Quantum Year is geared to any Tips

we deliver ART to the 'Table ov Abundance' - someone has to

You on the other hand can TRADE ART all you need/want


1/2 a dozen ov you on the social could get together, blow them up as A4 Paste-Ups,
glue them on card/board (like 8 to 15 feet wide), and move a bucketload ov art
from a 'vacant' shop that you could use for some time

make zillions and pay nothing if you so desire

feed a whole third world villiage for very little effort and virtually no cost if you like

you could go to New York - fill a little shop with art
and spend your time going to partys and stuff with abundant prosperity

possibly set up in Vienna and do the same thing if the mood takes you

probably set up a
'deliver this to my door, oil on canvas, 10 feet wide'
website and prosper as you do
(They'll even hang it for you)

you could load blowups on: today

they sell them (to ~40 inches wide) and handle everything for you
you recieve the balance from the sales
this is legally 'your art' (it has been given to you as 'public domain')
art works ready blown up / ready for you to trade with

note: all the artworks are to trade and prosper with
much ov the aupre art is already at ~1280x1024 as proof images ready to be blown up

A Word Ov Warning

this stuff contains 'the elixir ov life,' is 'all powerful'
and represents 'unlimited prosperity for all'

it may be advised to read about energy handling ov this type on - How These 10% Figures Are Natural

and while your at it - we have a page on
Abundant Energy - 1000 Years

how to distribute art and/or make more art
from art

and what 'public domain' and 'nocopyright' mean to and friends

what we create ourselves is for us to give to the world freely

you can

take it, sell it, reproduce it, crop it, multiply it,

modify it, morph it, enlarge it (art gallery size - 10,000px ~ 11+ feet wide),

print it (ie. oil on canvas or print on board), 're-sign it', 'sign it' or 'tag it',

frame it, prosper from it, call it your own, anything,

even 'hot link' the images from our servers if you like

getting it moving to 'the people' is the key

nebula - MorpheusStream


The Wheels on Wheels (2 Moons) Formula

every image on
phreakque -, - flickr,

and any artwork signed '' on

was from the 'wheels on wheels (two moons) formulas' all written by us,
produced by us, and given as a gift to the world by us

also they are 'eternally hypermorphic'
(each artwork morphs into ~5-10 independent new artworks)

The artwork itself is the producer ov more art
It is NOT necessary to 'understand' or 'use' the original formula

aupre art morph guide details

The Wheels on Wheels Formulas first appeared (jpg) on
oblivimania -

and the Generator file (you are welcome to use view:source) is on
oblivimania -


what aupre did was move the center ov a half circle (the slacker approach)

while still a 'circle' from the outside - measured from ther inside it is a hyperbole

then we joined consecutively smaller half circles together

here's the complex bit:

because the 'spiral' was to be infinite,
the adjoining first part ov the next smaller half,
actually had a larger radius at it's beginning
than the radius ov the small end it was joining

we we're dealing with 2 offset centers getting closer to the original center

this creates a wonky spiral like an out ov shape sports ball

by-passed by early mathematics

anyway we proceeded and made
the formula for the centers a hyperbole as well
the offset centers (in each direction) we're moving closer together
(because each next circle had a smaller radius)
so the offset centers never reached the original center, and were technically 'infinite'

what this created was a '3D DOUBLE HYPERBOLE INFINITE SPIRAL'

well this was great except the art from it gave us a wonky picture sheared down the center

now here is the actual formula running actual code on your computer

feel free to use view:source to thoroughly inspect the code and VERIFY the formula is an ORIGINAL

presenting: 'blue gate' original generator
(MSIE 5.5 to MSIE 9 only) - (written with MSIE 6)
(may take ~10-30 seconds to generate)

you may take a look at the goddess in the blowup ov 'blue gate' (sheared down the center)

when we grabbed a screenshot then twisted it on photoshop
(distort: glass: blocks)

the quarters produced one hell amazing picture

you can see the first image 'fashion' came in one ov the quarters

and the blowup 'blue fashion'

looking technically at what we had created
one quarter paralleled an 'eternal egg'

turns out this was the 'HOLY EGG OV ABUNDANCE'

cyber cop - deviantart show


what we mean by 'morph it'

if you take any hypermorphic web image, place it on like photoshop,

crop out a block ov the image (without the signature)

(then they return to hypermorphic state - no matter what dpi)

then hit it with like 'glass (blocks)' for example

then maybee 'glass' again, and again, and again, and again

with slightly different settings each time

sooner or later a 'new' image will 'appear' in part ov the 'glassed' image
(each image will usually supply up to ~5 to 10 new independent images ov mixed genre)

any range ov filters (any number ov times) seems to work well

usually they are quite small and need to be enlarged

so you 'crop' the tiny picture out

this part is how we're currently doing it

then make a new image (save to web - maximum jpg @ 72dpi)

then get the image to 96dpi first process - then save 72dpi
then 96dpi - then save (72)
then 144 - save - then 250 - save - then 250 - save

if you start with an aupre proof ie. 1280 x 1024 px
once on photoshop type in 300 dpi. (in image size) and up it comes

that should about be it

keep in mind a wall size is approx 5000 x 5000 px
large wall size is usually made at 10,000 x 10,000 px

this is how we're keeping the smooth (each time)

something like 'gaussian blur' (small amount) to 'clean' it up

then 'contrast' and 'brightness' or 'saturation' to sharpen it up

we tend to use 'plastic wrap filter' (for the aliens),
arthouse type filters for many, 'channel mixer' etc

'save' it for the web (72dpi)

this whole process can be as quick as about 15 minutes

(remember this is 'way deep in the thunderdome'
and we're not sure you actually get much more time)

get in, get what you recognise as art, and get the hell out

you should be able to fill an art gallery quickly
(after a nice rest and a coffee after the 'ordeal')

with new, previously unseen, art ov your own decisions and choices

ov course 'super polishing can take weeks' - it's up to you

and ov course there are 'other ways' - each to their own

each 'new' image is also 'hypermorphic'

because these 'images' parallel some 'interdimensional time and space'

it is advised to only 'write', 'list', 'group' or 'show'
1 image per page (if unsigned/untagged)

or 'hang' only 'signed' or 'tagged' pieces

be advised Do Not list 'what' image the 'new image' came from

and NEVER EVER list it's grandparent

this can cause hyper-oscillation accross 2 derivatives - no-one wants to know

(the baby's cord must be cut from the mother - one way or another)

taggers are encouraged to 'tag' any hypermorphic piece they see 'unsigned'
to save us from stupidity

these images are hyper arrays and

like all hyper arrays should not be joined as they may 'hyper oscillate'

any messin' and the 'elixir' will hammer the perpetrator to oblivion

sunset city - MorpheusStream
 sunset city

the following is some ramblings
about the perils ov copyright

copyright has been a sham for centuries

maintaining illusion and

limiting artists ability to create

this is why we saw sooo many 1 hit wonders

'public domain' the art and you shall recieve more in abundance

still 'sell' it if you want - just get good at it

Public Domain means everyone else can SELL THE ART as well as YOU

the jpg's that are ov small value here

the 'real value' is in the production and re-production ov the jpg's
as canvases etc. that people hang on walls

this takes time and effort to 'produce on the ground'
(and your income/profit/margin/FOOD/clothing/shelter goes on top)

we are honor bound by Prophecy to induce 'prosperity for all'
let's ALL EAT first then we'll see how we go

you may like to read our 'abundant energy page'
Abundant Geothermal, Electricity, Water, Fuel, Art

well imagine what it does to stamp 'hands off' on it

block and you shall be blocked - (principle ov balance)

no more creativity for you - thanks s.n.

'just ask us' and 'personal use only' is just way too much

like it's all 'free advertising' anyway - how hard can it be

this place is 'all for one and one for all'

and hopefully many make a 'profit' from your work

it's called having many many 'free agents'

ov which the universities found over 80% are honorable anyway

meaning if they do alright they may send you a 'tip' etc.

helps a lot if you actually have a 'tip jar'

night - MorpheusStream

all those who only see 'loot fest' are dying ov cancer anyway
(10 x faster than previously - way it is)

'the rivers ov babylon' have gotta flow somehow (prophecy)

your were only ever going get a percentage anyway (yin-yang)

the more we free up stuff

the more they may have a chance ov recovery

if you can't get a copy to the people then someone else will

the pirates generally do a better job than you do so

surely that says something about your marketing and pricing policies

ever considered aproaching the pirates to sell your stuff

who cares how much you 'get' - ya get what you 'need' - (stones)

this is nirvana (yes we mean the ground you walk on)

we've been 'jumped' ~1 billion billion billion light years

just damn well create something regularly

go fourth and prosper

and may your cups runeth over

Shangrila Times - gap art (art blowup software)

a global community service